#PLCoffeeWith: Eva Wimmers, CEO of NativeWaves

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Transformation

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“All I can say is that whenever I got too far away from my product and my customers; and the time I get to spend with my team, that’s when I got unhappy and thought, ‘what is my job again’.” Eva Wimmers, CEO, NativeWaves GmbH

In this week’s #PLCoffeeWith I speak to Eva Wimmers, CEO of NativeWaves, who prior to her current role was the CPO of Deutsche Telekom before moving on to lead Huawei’s Honor brand in Europe.

It’s quite a CV, and as someone who has been coaching senior execs on how to lead their teams through this crisis as well as teaching at the Startup Executive Academy (an initiative run by Stanford’s Baba Shiv aimed at helping startups to work better with large companies) she shares some cool insights.

“Whether it’s in the corporate world or the startup world, what I love is when you get that freedom to create across several different areas and not just be in one single space that has been given to you… If you have that atmosphere, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a small or a big company.”

Lot to learn in terms of creating dynamic, creative, inspiring cultures which can work as well as for a #procurement team as a team of coders…