CPO Trends 2020: Adapting to the C-suite agenda

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Transformation

For leaders in procurement, 2020 is a window of opportunity: a time to be bold and move quickly to become a function ready for the next decade. The complex macro-economic and geopolitical setting, and the pace of technological advance will give you the catalyst and the capability to become a strategic partner for the c-suite.

This webinar looks at the 4 trends forecast to impact procurement in 2020 and provides insight into what steps leaders are taking to build resilience, enable decision-making and provide growth opportunities for the business.

Procurement Leaders Chief Product officer, David Rae and Head of Research, Geraldine Craven will examine key trends in sustainability, innovation, business partnering, data and risk management in this interactive session.

Join us to learn:

– The cross-industry macro trends provoking procurement teams to do something different in 2020
– 4 opportunities to deliver value to the business and align with c-suite priorities
– The steps CPOs are taking to retain competitive edge

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