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Agenda at a glance

PLx keynotes

Like TEDx but for Procurement. Drive divergent thinking to visualize your objectives from a different perspective

Visionary keynotes & panels

Facilitate inspiration and spark creativity to tackle and embrace future trends

Dedicated Networking

10+ hours dedicated to networking with your peers from Networking Festivals to Rooftop Roundtables

Achiever keynotes

Provide best-in-class implementation examples for your next practices

CPO challenger series

Connect leaders with shared strategic challenges to crowdsource new solutions

Ask an expert sessions

A chance to pose your strategy development questions to experienced practitioners for inspiration and guidance


Learn first-hand how to overcome hurdles and capitalise on opportunities from practitioners who are a step ahead

Deep dive roundtables

Connect to individuals with differing perspectives to boost ideas and workflow improvements

PL insight sessions

Outline the “so what” for key trends, providing suggestions for navigation and application